Monday, November 9, 2009

Stop'n'Style: Winter Accessories

Cute Winter Accessories

As sad as it is, winter is around the corner. It's time to put away the leather jacket and suede boots, and bring out the parka and heavy duty winter booties. The cold, blistering weather shouldn't get you down. With the right winter gear, you will be prepared for any frosty temperature.

Here are a couple of ways to stay warm while looking cute!

(1. Burberry, $125; 2. Anthropologie, $26.50; 3. Tory Burch, $95; 4. Dents, $145; 5. Rose' A Pois, $98; 6. TopShop, $25)

Don't these accessories make winter more fun? Stay warm!

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  1. Stacie! You have such a great eye for cute winter accessories! I especially love the grey headband/ear warmer from Anthropologie. It is pretty and practical. It's getting cold out so I hope you post about your favorite winter scarves soon! xo

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