Sunday, January 31, 2010

BeautyBabe: OPI

Welcome to Hong Kong: OPI Spring Collection

There is something about new nail polish colours that excites me. Although OPI and Essie are both equal in my books, OPI's new spring collection, Hong Kong, is bright and fun.

The majority of the colours are jewel tones, and have amazing names (this is one of the many reasons why I LOVE about OPI).

The collection includes:
  • Bling Dynasty A char-”ming” gold that shimmers and glimmers
  • Red My Fortune Cookie And this rich red is in my future
  • Hot & Spicy A sizzling coral that’s a kung pao wow!
  • Dim Sum Plum A berry delectable delicacy
  • Jade is the New Black The vibrant green is the new fashion vibe
  • Suzi Says Feng Shui A serene cobalt blue to balance your yin yang
  • A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find But you’ve found it- in this zesty red-orange!
  • Lucky Lucky Lavender Be pretty and prosperous in this luscious light purple
  • Meet Me on the Star Ferry A Kowloon-lit, moonlit violet
  • Panda-monium Pink Lend a panda a hand-a in this uproarious light pink
  • Pearl of Wisdom Smart girls choose this lustrous pearl shade
  • Chop-sticking to My Story I mean it – “pick up” this warm caramel shade

I love all of the purple shades, but I am excited for Hot & Spicy, which is the coral shade. Which spring collection do you like better, Essie or OPI?


  1. Hi Stacie,

    the collection looks fabolous! I never realized their names were so unique^^. Great post!

  2. Hi, very nice to meet you, thanls for following my blog. I´m your reader now too :)

    by the way I´m adicted to nailpolish :)
    many greetings from germany

  3. So I only recently became obsessed with're adding to that addiction! Thanks for the help! :)

  4. I'm glad I'm helping with the addiction! Check out the Spring Essie line... it's very pretty!!


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