Monday, February 8, 2010

Diva Designer: Karina Grimaldi

Karina Grimaldi

Only starting out in 2001, KG moved from Buenos Aires to Miami to start her own clothing line. Her collection features bright, glowing colours, which is influenced from the Sunshine state. Her Spring collection features dresses, tops, rompers, and jumpsuits which are detailed in their own unique ways, and highly feminine.

On my hunt to discover some great designers, Karina Grimaldi will be the first of my "diva designers" column.

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  1. What else has she done? I'm not particularly fond of this style, although it clearly looks like a cohesive collection. Has she done any menswear?

    Also, your live activity feed is not correct. I'm from Fukuchiyama, Kyoto. I have no idea where Uji even is. I would have to look it up. I assume it's a central hub for my internet service provider.

  2. I am LOVING that NAVY romper sooo cute!

    Don't forget to stop by today-friday to enter my giveaway!



    S.S. DOBBS


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