Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Off The Press: Christian Louboutin

ATTN NYC: Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

WHO: Christian Louboutin, aka G-D

WHAT: Sample sale

WHEN: Wednesday May 12th (press/editors only) - Thursday May 13th (open to public)

WHERE: 308 W. 36th Street, NYC

WHY: Is that even a question? If you're not there already, I suggest you get your bum on the subway and run over NOW.

HOW: Shop shop shop!! (Shoppers say there is tight security and very long line-ups... be careful)

I couldn't be more jealous.


  1. These are the things that make my brain confused on why I don't live in NYC.

  2. Wish I wasn't stuck in the office right now!

  3. this is why i wish i lived in nyc. followed!

    follow me?

  4. Beautiful shoes,but I think, I couldn't wear them. :D

  5. Those are ridiculously high but absolutely fabulous!


  6. You should try it on anyway, maybe it looks better on you.

    I wish I could be in NY. Missing NY so much lately...

    Have a nice weekend too.

    xoxo, sU


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