Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Techie Girl

Michael Kors does iPads

Now I MUST get an iPad. It appears that Mr. MK also jumped on  the bandwagon and created iPad cases. Although we don't have these cases in store, Apple sells them on their website. The style is Jet Set, which is available in stores in a very similar wallet (which I have and LOVE). Made from leather, the case comes in 4 different colours, and will make your iPad much more chic and fashionable. 

It even has a built-in stand. For $134, I'm on board. Oh, how I love you Michael Kors!


  1. If only I could afford the damn ipad, I heard they will be limited in Marshalls and TJ Maxx in the spring for under retail ;)

    xo Lynzy

  2. I am asking for an ipad for Christmas so now I will just add a Michael Kors cover also!


  3. Agreed - that black case makes me want to get an ipad just so I can carry that around!!


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