Friday, April 23, 2010

Worth the Money?

Worth the Money: Hermes Belt

The Hermes leather belt is a great addition to jeans and a simple top. It comes in a bunch of different colours (chocolate, black, red) and is reversible. It is a classic piece and will last you a long time since it is simple and good quality (I hope). Wear it with jeans or jean shorts, and it will add an elegant touch to your outfit. With the recognizable "H" silver and platinum plated buckle, this belt is far from being affordable.

Also, celebs seem to love the belt...

But is it worth the money?


  1. You know how certain events/things ruin other things for you? I used to adore those Hermes belts, but now I hate them. They remind me of this douche I used to date, who only wore Hermes belts, every-frickin-day. Now I hate them, and I hate that I hate them.
    Grr. I just needed to say that...


  2. I like that the design is simple! It is a basic piece which fits with everything. But spending a fortune on a belt? For me, that's a clear no-no. Love,


  3. Haha Mara... I completely understand. I'm glad this belt could help you vent!

  4. I LOVE it! SEriously want it! IDK what color though def a gold H but hmmm maybe a nice brown?




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