Monday, April 26, 2010

Food Glorious Food: Frozen Yogurt


My prayers have been answered... thanks to Blushberry. For all you Torontonians, I have WONDERFUL news for you! Blushberry, similar to Pinkberry, has now opened in Toronto! After having Pinkberry almost everyday last summer in NYC, I seriously could not breath when I saw this store today.

They offer 4 types of frozen yogurt (original, green tea, blush and chocolate) and a variety of fruit and dry toppings. Also, they have yogurt parfaits and signature smoothies, such as zen (green tea frozen yogurt, strawberry, banana, hoodia, organic soy milk), skinny bitch (chocolate frozen yogurt, strawberry, banana, hoodia, organic soy milk) and many more.

The fro yo is super healthy, around 30 calories per ounce and is high in essential vitamins and nutrients.

They are located at 155 Queen Street (Queen and John) and are opening 2 new locations soon in Yorkville and on Eglinton (which is right near my house!)

Get excited froyoers, Toronto finally has it's own Blushberry!

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