Monday, September 6, 2010


They're Not Yours, They're MY FERRAGAMO'S!

Over the past couple of years, designers have been collaborating with stores or other designers to create more reasonably priced collections. This trend has benefited fashionistas who desire the hottest styles but prefer not to pay the exorbitant prices. One designer who has recently jumped on the couture-for-less train is Salvatore Ferragamo. Just launched, My Ferragamo is Ferragamo's new collection of footwear made for the contemporary elegant woman. Combining comfort and fun, My Ferragamo consists of flats, wedges, loafers, and boots in a variety of fun colours.

Lucky for me, while I was shopping at Holt Renfrew this past weekend, I spotted a few pairs of My Ferragamo's. It was like love at first site; I bought a pair of black leather flats. For under $400, I couldn't say no. I can't wait to wear these baby's... 
They are super comfortable, and I love how perfectly they fit my feet. Even though I decided on the black pair, there is no doubt that I will purchase one of the fun coloured heels or flats for springtime. 


  1. lucky girl! they are so classic~

  2. Love all of those! Thanks for stopping by, just started following you :)

  3. I love it!:D It's a classic!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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