Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Techie Girl: Laptop Cases

Laptop Cases A La Mode

I love my MacBook. It is probably my favourite electronic, besides my Blackberry. If you are carrying your laptop, why not use a trendy case to put it in?

Personally, I am using a pink incase sleeve - it's a fun colour and protects my computer!

It also comes in orange, blue, black, red, and many more.

Betsey Johnson is known for her unique collections of clothing and shoes. This is definitely a fun accessory to add to an outfit.

If you're willing to spend a little more money, these Louis Vuitton laptop cases are sophisticated and fashionable. The case is probably almost as expensive as your computer...

This Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop sleeve is pretty reasonable. It has quilted logo lettering and an enameled logo plate. It is also available in a leopard print.

This simple, yet chic Juicy Couture laptop case is great because it has handles and a shoulder strap. It is a little more expensive, but also has pockets to store things other than just your laptop.

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