Sunday, August 9, 2009

Web&Fashion: StyleCaster

StyleCaster - Discover your Style!!

Since the beginning of June, I was in NYC - the most wonderful city on the planet. I had an internship at
StyleCaster, the first style discovery platform website. I was a fashion intern, and got the opportunity to write a couple articles, style outfits, and meet a lot of amazing people in the fashion world.

Once you sign up, you will get daily emails with the temperature of your chosen city and an outfit suiting the weather. The site features news, daily looks, shop section, community, forecast, and video. I think it's pretty amazing, and I'm not being bias just because I worked there.They recently created a widget - which is super cool! You simply input your city and it shows the temperature and an outfit to wear (it's posted on the side of my blog ---->)

All of my friends that I told about StyleCaster LOVE the site, and go on it several times per day. Here is the link to sign up, CLICK HERE!

Go check it out! Let me know your thoughts!

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