Saturday, August 22, 2009

Food Glorious Food: Dogs

Bark & Fitz- Dog Heaven

I am a huge dog lover. I think everyone should own a dog, they are the best pet. I have a miniature poodle, and she is very special to me! I take her everywhere I go, she gets spoiled majorly whenever I am home. While shopping with my mom today, we passed by Bark and Fitz, and decided to go inside.

This store is dog heaven. They have everything from Scoopie bags (pick up your dogs poo-bags), shoes, collars/leashes, and even a bakery. The bakery amazes me every time I go in. I once purchased dog sushi, cookies, and today I even saw a birthday cake! It had frosting and "Happy Birthday" written across the cake. On February 9th, Muffy (my dog) will get one of these for her special day, no doubt about it. Here is a picture of dog cupcakes, or "Pupcakes." They look good enough to eat!
Bark and Fitz has many locations across Ontario, Quebec, BC, and a store in New Jersey. I highly recommend this store - since it is not just for dogs, but for owners as well. All dog lovers will drool!

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